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Where are SeaVees made?Updated 3 years ago

SeaVees are designed in California and made in Vietnam and China. Here's why:

SeaVees are traditionally vulcanized, a time-honored footwear construction that dates back more than 100 years. The art of vulcanizing — where uppers are stitched, hand-wrapped with a foxing tape (rubber) and “cooked” in a vulcanizing oven where the upper material is adhered to the sidewall foxing tape.  This process is no longer an industry in the United States. The last U.S. vulcanizing factory closed in the 1990s and all of the specialized equipment and required skills moved overseas. Fortunately, our long-standing partners in China and Vietnam have the expertise and share our same appreciation for genuine sneaker-making.

We are extremely passionate about the multiple benefits of an authentically vulcanized sneaker—from the obvious greater durability to the magical nuances that happen in the oven that truly distinguishes a pure vulcanized sneaker from an imitation. We are closely engaged in the processes and responsibilities of the factory.

SeaVees are carefully constructed in small production runs to maintain quality and consistency. We use natural gum rubber which gives the sole of every SeaVees more bounce, flexibility and longer-lasting results. In each shoe is our custom contoured insole made of perforated memory foam that gives you extra cushion and cooling. We continue to develop new materials, use exclusive finishing techniques and make modern amendments to classic styling creating an original sneaker we hope you love.

We want to assure you that the working conditions and production techniques used to handcraft every pair of SeaVees are truly the best in class.

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