Trying on at home...

Once you receive your sneakers, try them on! What are you waiting for?

Sneaker shopping online can be tough sometimes and we want to make sure you have the right size. For this reason, we encourage all customers to try on their sneakers within their home.

When trying on your sneakers at home, wear them exactly how you will wear them outside/in the world. With or without socks and the clothes you might wear with your SeaVees. Cruise down the hall, check them out in a mirror and even show off to your family, friends and roommates. We suggest keeping them on for at least 15 minutes.

If something doesn’t feel quite right, please reach out via chat, email or phone. Our Sneaker Agents would love to talk sneakers and offer advice, tips and tricks to make sure you have the right size.

The SeaVees Return Policy allows for sneakers in their unworn condition to be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

Please don’t give them a test run on a trip to the grocery store or a weekend outing. We will not accept worn sneakers for a return or exchange.