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Orders, Shipping & Tracking

Shipping cost & delivery times

We ship out of our California warehouse M-F (non holiday). Please note we do not process orders on the weekends. Normal fulfillment occurs within 2 business days. During sale periods, order fulfillment may take up to 4 business days as our warehouse

How do I track my order?

Within 24 hours after your order ships, you will get a shipping confirmation email with tracking info. You can track your order through your order confirmation email or your SeaVees account. To get to your account do the following:. You will be email

What do I do if my order has not been delivered or is missing?

It's all good, we're here for you!. Sometimes the following situations occur when your order is marked as delivered but you haven't received it:. If you still can't find your package, please double-check your shipping address on your order confirmati

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Once you place an order with us, you'll get an email confirming your purchase. *Your order will ship within 2-3 business days, and you'll receive your tracking info via email the following day. We are open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM PST. If your order was

New SeaVees Shoebox

Have you ever ordered something and wondered, “why do they have to send me this small box inside a much bigger box?” Well, so did we. Starting now, all new styles will ship in our new Ship In Own Container (SIOC) shoe box, cutting down our overall pa